Friday, June 5, 2009

The Happiness Prescription

Throughout my life I have seen many things some good and some bad. But through all of the things that I have seen and been through, none of them are more detrimental than having an obscured view of life's meaning. I remember having a conversation with a friend who told me her definition of happiness and believed that happiness was a feeling that could be taken away at any moment. Tisk Tisk Tisk.....I did not challenge her perspective because sometimes it is wiser to remain silent and allow individuals to see with there own eyes. But for those who decide to read this expression allow me to infiltrate your beliefs about life and all that comes with it.

The most powerful aspect in life is that of choice nothing is more powerful than choice. Many people I encounter on a daily basis tell me that I have a very carefree attitude. These comments are usually followed with a smile and head tilt from me. It is no secret that life is burdensome. Many ups and downs and that is just in the first few minutes of every hour. However you have the ability to control your life and your success. Nothing comes to a angry man/woman. No one wants to share a room with a complainer. At least I know I would rather not. However I surround myself with every and any type of person. This helps me with two things. It gives me the ability to understand how to deal with negativity at any given time. It also helps me to sharpen my skills of choice. You see when we surround ourselves with people who are always in the best of moods we create a major vulnerability within ourselves. For how can we adjust to negativity if we rarely see it. Many people believe that being around negative people will cause you to fall victim to their sickness. I beg to defer. You see one must understand that your well-being is determined by you. Your happiness is dependent on nothing. This is why when people believe that success brings happiness they fail. They fail because happiness brings about success. Meaning that everything is dependent on happiness. With that being said you must understand that everything that you currently have and will have is acquired through God by way of the decisions you make.

When we become understanding and humble to happiness and life we can survive any and everything. When happiness is no longer a choice because it is written in the fabric of your spirit nothing else matters. When you are in a room full of underachievers and complainers you will be able to remain consistent with your essence and in return empower these individuals with feelings similar to you. You see happiness is the strongest emotion one can have. When we accomplish something great and it sends chills over us. When we believe in our desires and dreams they become our realities. When we are faced with difficult situations or obstacles we must make the correct decision to remain grounded. Because if we truly walk the path destined we will never have to make a choice that is good for us because they all will be. It will be a matter of deciding where does God want me. Believe me when we arrive to this point in our lives everything is extremely easy and life is as smooth as silk. We must continue to take the daily dose of good choice when we roll over to happiness every morning. When we can walk through life with a strong foundation nothing can shift us away from success.


Continue to make positive choices until happiness is no longer an option.
Remember we must not remove negative people from our circles because we must empower all and use all to empower us.
Happiness brings Success because loving what you do is not working at all.

"Live Like You Mean It"
~Dr. W

Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Dreams Larger Than Your Mind Can Hold"

Greetings to all. First allow me to apologize for the lateness in posting a new expression. However I have been on a road of construction lately. I have been granted many opportunities and I am grateful to my Creator for these circumstances. You know when I was growing up my family was not rich and often times we had to strecth food. We were considered poor but God provided and I have a wonderful family because of this impoverished bond. Many people rarely show love to their family due to futile reasons. However life is short and death is sure so I say to you embrace them while you can because tomorrow is not promised. During my educational plight I have lost two brothers and several really close friends to murder. So cherish life and never accept anyone's definition about what you represent or should be. Because I grew up poor does not mean that I will live my adult life in poverty and unfortunate circumstances.

In our lives we all dream of things that seem so great that fear of the unknown shutters these ideas before we can actually think them through. How many times have you found yourself thinking of doing something larger than yourself or anyone in your family has done? How many times when these ideas come to your attention they are aborted by that inner voice "You could never"? This is not something that is abnormal or a sign of a weak person. No absolutely not!!!!
It is a sign of your inner being stepping up to see if you are truly ready to be great. It is also a sign that you and your inner self is not on the same playing field. When our subconscious is not in tuned with our conscious we create a conflicting atmosphere. This is truly problematic because any and everything you set out to do your inner self will challenge you. Sometimes this is good because it forces you to push yourself. However often times we do not have the strength to go against our subconscious because of fear. But you must began to think GREAT, act GREAT, speak GREAT, and believe that you are GREAT if you are to be great. I remember when I was first starting out in my renewed life I was extremely poor. I mean (po) I could not afford the (or). So what I did was every weekend I would buy a cheap bottle of wine and just say to myself as I drink it from a plastic cup that, "This is my wine glass and I am on my private beach in St. Thomas enjoying life". Needless to say I don't drink wine out of a plastic cup anymore and the beach house is coming. We must channel our minds to adapt to our desires. No matter how great they may be you are entitled to all of the riches in the world. Your father is rich beyond measure and you shall inherit his wealth upon your creation. Therefore stop letting someone else spend your money or take your vacations. But channeling your thoughts is not only about external growth. It is also about infiltrating your internal essence to coincide with your aspirations. Whatever you desire to become in life know this one thing.......nothing is to big or to small. There is nothing you cannot do or cannot accomplish all it takes is belief on your behalf. It does not matter what is going on outside of your life the only thing that matters is how you see and believe yourself to be. This is the one and only way to true growth, happiness, and limitless wealth. Now one must understand that wealth is not the accumulation of money, stocks and bonds, or Swiss accounts. No. Wealth is the accumulation of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, friends, family, and unreasonable happiness. When we have true wealth in the sense of my description money will flow like Niagara Falls because we are no longer focused on making it. So one must dream and want the things in which they desire. Society may attempt to push you away from what is inherently yours but you must not fall victim to there efforts. You must believe that no matter how you are raised (Poor or Rich) we are all born with the same level of opportunity it may just take some of us a little more effort and time but we can all be great. But until we believe this we will continue to walk the dirt road and never make it to the smooth paved surface created by God himself just for you. So anything you can achieve. Anything you desire is yours to have. God made the heavens and the Earth what makes you think he cannot make you into the things you truly desire to be. When we dream larger than our minds can handle, we place a smile on God's face because he sees that our faith is as great has our being. Stepping into the unknown allows us to trust in him. So I say to you never think that the sky is the limit if it was we would have never made it to the moon. So allow yourself to become one with your faith and start dreaming like you will live forever and live like you will die tomorrow.


"Thoughts control our minds like the breeze controls the sway of the trees. To think great so shall you be"

"Don't let your external situation determine your internal elevation" (My mother's quote)

"You are born rich it is your responsibility to claim your inheritance"

"A dream is only a mental image of the things God has in store for us"

"Fear is not a characteristic of Greatness"

Live Like You Mean It
~Dr. W

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Embracing The Unexpected

As I express myself into the keyboard and reflect these actions onto the computer screen, I find myself contemplating so much and have very little answers or solutions to the issues I am stirring up within myself. I have been operating on auto-pilot for the past two weeks. This explains the lack of posts. However I am determined to overcome these unexpected obstacles placed within my path.

Life is always a seemingly planned orchestrated set of events that we eagerly desire to occur. We plan our days out to the last minute and even allow time for things that may postpone the inevitable task of ending out daily routines. From relationships to our careers we map out the things we desire as potential outcomes. And when something happens we often times paved a path for situations like this. However the case may be we are always believed to be the one in control.

But what happens when something outside of our wildest dreams occurs to alter everything that we believed to be. When life stops immediately and we are forced to face the reality of our actions. When the consequences out weigh our prefigured paths of intended outcomes. Often times we are so overwhelmed we cannot even understand what is going on or how we allowed ourselves to let this happen. And more often than not it is at the least opportune time for us. It seems that terrible things happens to us when our lives was on an up hill spiral towards happiness and self-satisfaction. However this is only a superficial belief of what is the reality of our situations. Sometimes when we think that things are going perfectly we are really heading down a road of self-destruction. We cannot see it of course because we are blinded by the hype of this happiness we seemingly have. We are not in control of our lives. We are just the initiate(r) of our decisions and the outcomes are a result of our actions. God sometimes allows us to slip up and fall victim to our decisions and it is then that we have a choice. We can either embrace the unexpected or continue to walk this path of self-destruction.

When we choose to embrace the unexpected we allow ourselves to grow in the arms and under the watchful eyes of God. We become stronger for we understand the results of poor decisions and walking a path blinded to his guidance. When we embrace the unexpected we allow time for divine healing and a renewed spiritual connection. It takes a strong person to claim their faults and weaknesses and then turn around and regain their ground in their life. But in our embracing we must understand that we are giving all control to our Creator and he will get us out of this crisis. He will improve this situation and establish within us the ability to not fall again. This may seem simple. However we must remember that we are responsible for our choosing to embrace the unexpected is as hard as shaping metal. But it is possible.

In closing we must remember that our lives is not ordered, carried out, or determined by us. We must follow the path that was predestined for us. However our choices can alter our lives to the extreme but we must continue to trust and abide in our beliefs if we are to see true happiness.


Embrace the unexpected
Be conscious of the outcomes of your choices
Lean not on thy own understanding

"Live Like You Mean It"
~Dr. W

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Essence of Oneself


Today it is raining in Providence, Rhode Island as I stare out the window on the 15th floor I begin to inscribe my thoughts into the keyboard of my laptop while sipping some hazelnut coffee and snacking on a piece of banana nut bread I begin to drift off into a deep hypnosis of understanding self. Who am I really? Beneath the flesh, muscle, organs, and bones. Who is this being known as Dr. W to the blog-community? This question is one I ponder often and I am sure you have thought about it on a rare occasion. But even deeper than who we are many of us wonder why am I here or what is my actual purpose on this temporary journey where the ending result is ultimately death. I have no answer to these questions however through my gazing into the unknown I have developed a ideology of how I will deal with the questions I manifested within myself.


We all have a divine calling to do something. A desire to be more or a sense of becoming what we think is going to make us satisfied. However this is not a purpose it may seem like one but it is not. I have convinced myself that my purpose and that of every other human being is to do for others. To give back and make a difference in society. What we do throughout our course of life determines who we are when our bodies become fertilization for the Earth's soil. So that means we will never have the answer to who we are. We will have an idea of what we mean to society and who we can become but never fully understand who we are until we enter the areas of the unknown. You see we never reach our full potential until we no longer exist. Therefore we must continue to search for ways to inspire, reach, and empower ourselves and others. If we become complacent in our today's we will never trademark our purpose in life. Leaving a mark is more important than ceasing the moment. Allow yourself to think about that for a moment.........

"Leaving a mark is more important than ceasing the moment,
you must trademark your purpose"

If we actually allow ourselves to believe this statement and live a life with a dedicated purpose to others we would see happiness in our everyday lives without any effort. Rolling over to happiness will become second nature and we won't have to make a conscious effort to choose happiness because it will be the nails in our foundation and the fabric in our drapes. If we allow ourselves to live dedicated to improving society and the lives of others we would never work a day in our lives. NEVER WORK A DAY IN OUR LIVES.........sounds so good I had to say it again. Can you imagine going to work everyday happy because you are doing something you enjoy and not just working to survive. Working to survive results in premature death, added stress, and dysfunctional households and marriages. When we are living a life as the quote above states we are living happy. Allow yourself to be happy with everything you do in life and leave everything you encounter better than when you found it. The old saying "If it ain't broke don't try to fix it" was a true sign of someone who did not live by this quote or had no innovation what so ever. I believe if you leave it how you found it than you are not living life to the fullest. Imagine if the person who invented the stove, microwave, flat screen TV, automobile, or the computer would have lived honoring the quote "If it ain't broke don't try to fix it". We would be living like cavemen. So never be afraid of improvement or bettering yourself and others because a complacent society is doomed from the beginning. Evolution is something that happens to better our circumstances. So continue to grow and seek a better you and society each day you're graced with a new morning.


Leaving a mark is more important than ceasing the moment.
Trademark your purpose.
Your purpose is to give back, inspire others, and improve society.
Always leave things better than you found it.
Your destiny is how you fulfill your purpose.


"Live Like You Mean It"
~Dr. W

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Place it on Mute

So I arrived safely back from my "Spirng Break/Work". I must say that I enjoyed myself even though I did not get to break as I would have desired to but there are no complaints. The entry for today is titled place it on mute and it is inspired from my week long confinement of physical labor. As I was flying back from Jackson, Ms I purchased a pair of Noise Cancellation Earphones. I must admit that this made my life en route to Boston, MA very relaxing. And as the plane rocked back and forth from the turbulence I begin to ponder the idea of using these headphones throughout my everyday. This would be so great to be able to walk around and ignore all of the negativity that is bestowed upon me. But how ridiculous would I look walking around school with these big bulky headphones on? But then in the blink of an eye I was inspired to allow myself to acquire the brilliance of these headphones throughout my daily walk. Instead of engaging in futile arguments with individuals who made the wrong choice this morning I will just place them on mute. Wow why didn't I think of this a long time ago. So I tried my little new invention out just to make sure it worked. So I have this individual in my life who always complains about anything. If they are thirsty the water is not good enough to drink. So they would rather perish of dehydration.....yes on of those type of people. So I called them and we talked and they started on their little tantrum and I just begin to ignore them. So much so that I begin to enjoy talking to them. I was in shock because prior to acquiring this ability to just place certain points of the conversation on mute I would have immediately interrupted this person and said I would call them back. However I was not compelled to escape their cancerous form of venting over the phone to me. So I said that I must share this little tidbit with the few who decide to read my expressions.

In life many times we are often addressed by someone or something that we really have no desire of dealing with at the time. From relationships, family, friends, business partners, and constituents we are faced with problematic situations steaming from unknown regions. Whatever the reason may be we again have the wonderful miraculous ability of choice on our side. Such a beautiful asset yet many of us rarely use it. Placing it on Mute does not mean you are shutting the ideas or opinions of another person out completely. You are just allowing yourself to remain consistent with the choice you made this morning of rolling over to happiness. And in order to remain happy you must not allow yourself to become consumed with someone's issues that are not your responsibility or fault. Although negativity comes from external structures do not overlook the most vulnerable component of negativity and that is internal manifestation. We all have that voice that says you can't, you should not, why would you, it can never be done....etc. It is voices such as these that we must place on mute because they can alter, destroy, and hinder our growth. The next time you are faced with a situation where you find yourself on the receiving end of selfish regurgitation of emotions do yourself a favor and place it on mute and continue to live the way you woke up.........unreasonably happy. Just remember everything we allow to pass through our portals of reception (eyes and ears) we have the ability to choose what is seen and heard.


If someone is using you as a dump site for negative expressions-PLACE IT ON MUTE
If you find yourself inflicting personal damage from negative beliefs-PLACE IT ON MUTE
You have the ability to choose what enters your portals of reception and anything you don't want to receive-PLACE IT ON MUTE

"Live Like You Mean It"
~Dr. W

Monday, March 23, 2009

"Blindfolded Success"

Greetings World:

Today I write with a sense of peace and understanding. As I awoke this morning I made the choice as many of you did to live life abundantly and unreasonably happy. Today I would like to share with you the reality of life and living a life that was mapped out for us before we were conceived. You see there was a day planned out for us and whatever choice we will decide to make when we roll over to happiness. Just as our lives are already predestined we must remember that God cannot chose for you. No he leaves that easy task to you. So it is up to you how your life turns out. It all falls back on the choices we make.

How many times have you found yourself in a situation that you had no idea how you got there and an even harder time trying to figure out the outcome. From psychics to palm readers individuals all over the world have tried to learn of their fate before it happens. Many people do this because of fear of the unknown and others out of curiosity. But honestly if you were able to see into the future do you really feel that you would be better off? To know what will become of you before it happens. Do you really think you will be a better person? I ask that because in reality the answer is no. It is through not knowing that we become better because we want better. How could you want better if you knew that better was inevitable? You see blindfolded success is all about stepping into the unknown on faith and the desire of a better outcome. When we strive to do great things we do so out of a thirst for knowledge and self-improvement. We were all born with the same purpose in life but a different destiny. Our purpose is to give back to others and our destiny is how we will accomplish our purpose. So walking blindfolded towards our destiny will allow us to continue to grow and grow and grow. However this growth must be done without fear of failure. We must see failure as a developmental opportunity because if we are not failing we are not growing. It is through failure that we gain the insight to never fail again so embrace failure. Know that walking blindfolded you are susceptible to stumbling over obstacles but it is your choice to get up and continue to move towards your destiny. Life's report card does not care about how many times you fail but how far you succeed. So you must continue to follow your inner map known as your spiritual guide. Your spiritual guide knows the path you must take but if you are not in tuned with that component of your being you will continue to wonder in the unknown areas of stagnation. Can you recall this passage from the song "Amazing Grace": I once was lost but now I'm found...this speaks to a person becoming in tuned with their spiritual being and understanding that they must follow the spiritual guide of self to see the fruits of our struggles and transgressions. Just the thought of walking into this world with all of the problems going on is frightening to anyone. However if you are following your guide they will protect you from all hurt, harm, and danger. You would not go on an African Safari without a guide so why charter life's course without one? Distraction lurks at every corner, temptation is at your right hand, and lust at your left but walking blindfolded and with a guide will keep such detrimental distractions invisible to you. Although this may seem easy to a certain extent many of us never allow ourselves to follow the guide that has been scheduled to remain with us throughout our lifetime. You see you can hurt yourself by giving up on life and settling for anything that resembles you living below your abilities. How many people know someone who was so talented in something but they made a choice to live a life that they was comfortable with because they knew the outcome? How many people know someone who could have been a brain surgeon, a CEO, a Professor, or anything they desired but because they was fearful or choose to remove the blindfold they are now living a life of mediocrity. There is nothing wrong with a mediocre life however why settle for less when the riches of the world are yours to have. We all must believe this and not allow ourselves to settle for anything below holistic well-being and happiness. Now I am not saying that someone who is living a mediocre life has settled. I am only saying that if you are living a life below your potential then you have made a sound decision to remove the blindfold and remain content. However someone somewhere is suffering because you chose to give up and settle. Remember that our purpose is to help others but our destiny is how we will do that. I believe that we never fully reach our destiny until we no longer exist so we must continue to live out our purpose until our destiny is reached. I mean would you cook a thanksgiving dinner and stop after you season the turkey? Of course not because then you would have many upset relatives and friends who are in need of nourishment. So do not stop short of anything but complete when it comes to your destiny. Not knowing the outcome is the beauty of life. So live it, love it, and enjoy it.

Quick note:
The past three flights that I have been scheduled to take a plane crashed prior to departure or around the time I was in the air. The first one was in the flight in New York that went down in the water; The second was the flight in Buffalo; and the third was the flight yesterday in Tokyo and Montana. Now I could allow these "Distracting signs" to alter my destiny and force me to remove my blindfold but I shall remain on course. You see that is the beauty of not knowing. My destiny fulfills my purpose and when my guide tells me the tour has ended I shall rest my tired feet. Now I will be flying out in the morning going on VACATION see you guys next week. I had a choice to make and I chose to follow my spiritual guide.

Failure is only a developmental opportunity so fear not.
Blindfolded success is all about being in tuned with your spiritual guide.
Do not allow yourself to remove the blindfold because you desire to settle, imagine how many people will suffer because of your fear to continue.

"Live Like You Mean It"
~Dr. W

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

As I woke up this morning I began to ponder the idea of "My Self-Image". As I walked down the hall and into the bathroom I looked into the mirror and saw someone who was not how I see myself. I mean I am handsome but the sleep in my eyes and the dry saliva on the side of my face I mean who would love that. I begin to joke with myself and I said the following sentence....."Mirror Mirror on the Wall who is the least lovable of them all.....and then I laughed because in my mind I replied that I was....

In life we are so captured in how we look in the eyes of society's mirror that we never really see the beauty we each possess. We are unique creatures that are all different in every facet of our physical, mental, and spiritual beings. From our fingerprints to the things we desire to be happy we are all different. It is said that every hour one billion cells in the body must be replaced. This means that your body is renewing itself and becoming better. So why should you not follow suit? If you are unhappy with something in your life you have the ability to improve it. However you must improve things because you desire them to be improved not because of external influence. We must learn to embrace the things that society finds "unattractive". We must embrace the physical and emotional things that others may shy away from. Love yourself for who you were born to be. Many people overlook their true beauty because someone said that big lips or ugly, or stretch marks are gross, or nappy hair just disgust them. The person responsible for old saying beauty is in the eyes of the beholder knew that beauty is something you can't buy, inherit, or acquire. Do you think the first individuals who looked for diamonds saw a dirty stone? No they saw a beautiful diamond something that only they could see and others could not. This is the same way in which we should view ourselves because we are the diamond in the rough. It does not matter if you grew up in the Ghetto, if your homeless, a victim of abuse, a drug addict, a prostitute, a survivor of an accident that has left you with a few physical signs of survival. You are still beautiful however it is how you see yourself that matters the most. Stop looking to society's mirror for acceptance because society has no idea how to accept itself. Hence the consistent changes in fabricated physical enhancements. We must learn to become one in our own skin and understand that beauty is the naturalness of your being. The essence you were blessed with at birth. Because underneath the makeup, the surgery, the botox, the clothes, and the jewelry lies your true beauty. Embrace it because many people spend millions of dollars to acquire something they were born with. Forcing themselves to lose the true beauty and gain a fabricated essence of sexiness. Now ask yourself one question: If I rely on my true beauty which is me in my natural form, when the societal image is removed will I be stronger or weaker? Know that you are unique and that your body goes through transformations so that you maintain the God given beauty that you were born with. So the only mirror you should ask how you look is the one that has no reflection.........yourself.

So regardless to what others say or believe you are the epitome of beauty but it is up to you to believe that


Beauty cannot be brought, sold, inherited, or acquired it is a natural component of your being.
Society has no idea of what beauty is this is why there are so many surgical procedures and beauty products.
You are a miner and your image is your diamond so continue to see it as such.
Every hour one billion cells in the body must be replaced so your body is consistently renewing itself and improving itself so if you are unhappy just know that every hour your body is improving for you......"So give it a break"

"Live Like You Mean It"
~Dr. W